Best Tackle:
Took the first step and saw a doctor

Latest Touchdown:
Cut down on red meat.


Gout and My Social Life

Posted by Jonathan S. February 3, 2012

Before I was diagnosed with gout I would eat and drink anything. I was so much more likely to go to events I was invited to without thinking about what I was going to eat or drink. I don’t have allergies or anything like that, so gout is the first thing that’s really caused me to think about what I put in my body. Read More >>

My First Gout Attack

Posted by Jonathan S. June 20, 2011

When I think back about my first gout attack, I now realize it all started around Christmas when I received a barbecue as a gift and immediately began grilling almost every night. And as if the increase in red meat wasn’t enough, I was also having a few extra glasses of wine with it. (Who doesn’t like a drink or two with their steak?) In the week leading up to my attack I went to three barbecues with friends, then I played a game of volleyball with my buddies in my league. The next morning I woke up with a lot of pain in my foot. Read More >>