What’s more painful than gout?


Pain & Attacks

There’s pain, and then there’s GOUT PAIN! It’s impossible to know what it’s really like until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

In Their Own Words

Learn about gout pain from people who’ve been there. If you’ve experienced it, find out how your pain compares.

“It is by far the most horrendous pain one should have to endure.”

“Can gout start in the elbow? Mine is large knobby, swollen, red and hot.”

“I can’t believe how much this hurts.”

“I've broken legs, arms, ribs, all nothing compared to my big toe. Even a bed sheet hurts.”

“There’s worse things, but they don’t hurt as much as gout.”

“I've noticed my wrists and now my big toe joints are killing me.”

What Does Your Pain Feel Like?

It can be difficult to describe what the extreme pain of gout feels like. It can be a challenge to describe it to your doctor, and your friends, family and employer might not understand. Use the Gout Pain Scale to describe your pain. Try it now