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Tackling Gout

Our TackleGout coaches are medical experts who conduct research on gout, diagnose gout and treat patients with gout on an ongoing basis. Watch their videos to hear them explain what gout is and how to tackle it. They offer useful information about gout, along with the same advice they tell their own patients.

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Tackling Gout

Uncontrolled gout can lead to increasingly frequent attacks, and eventually, chronic pain, joint damage, and potentially kidney problems. That’s why tackling gout is so important. It does, however, require long-term thinking and an ongoing commitment to healthy habits.

A healthy lifestyle can reduce gout risk, and it also reduces risk of heart disease, which is more frequent in people with gout.

The best strategies for tackling gout include knowing what to eat and drink, losing weight (if you need to), and following your treatment plan. Explore this section further to find out what steps you can start taking today to tackle gout.

Tackle Gout Pro Tip: As you’re educating yourself about gout and how to tackle it, note that there’s a great deal of misinformation about it. Stick to reliable, up-to-date sources and your doctor’s advice.