Tackle Gout Playbook

Have any idea how well you’re tackling gout?
Or what else you could be doing?

Find out using the Tackle Gout Playbook! Answer the questions below then select “Get Playbook” to get a step-by-step coaching guide specifically for you!
PRO TIP: The more honest you are in your answers, the more helpful your playbook is going to be (no wishful thinking!).
PRO TIP: Remember to check with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes to make sure the steps you’re taking are right for you.


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I’m sticking to my healthy food plan every day.

I limit the amount of refined carbohydrates (eg. white bread, white rice) I eat.

I’m eating less red meat.

I’m eating more dairy foods, especially low-fat products.


I know which beverages to drink, and which to avoid to help tackle gout.

I drink enough water to stay well hydrated.

I avoid drinking sugary beverages.

As for alcohol, I’m a moderate drinker (1 to 2 drinks/day) or don’t drink.


I always follow my doctor-recommended gout management plan.

I’m taking my uric acid-lowering medication as directed.

I take my anti-inflammatory medication as soon as possible after a gout attack starts.

I’m working on lifestyle changes (food, drink and fitness) as part of my gout treatment.