Who’s the most supportive of your efforts to tackle gout?


Tackle Gout with A Little Help from Your Team

If you have gout, you are highly aware of how excruciatingly painful attacks can be. Unfortunately, other people won’t always understand the disease and what you’re going through. Even your closest buddies and family members might not take your attacks seriously. They might think you’re overreacting when you’re having an attack or give you a ribbing for not drinking beer at the big game.

Think of everyone you know—your doctor, employer, friends and family—as being on your Tackle Gout Team. They can help make it easier to cope, but you’ll probably have to coach them a little first. Except for your doctor, the folks on your team are probably all rookies at tackling gout. Making them part of your team is not only smart game play, it’s also a win for you.

Your best strategy is to give them the facts and help clear up their misperceptions. The better they understand, the better equipped they’ll be to help you out when you need it—or at least be cool about it.

Talking to People You Know About Gout

Sample conversation starter:

“I have a form of inflammatory arthritis called gout. It’s sometimes called “gouty arthritis.” It causes inflammation of the joints, and it can be very painful. I’m going to manage, but I’ve got to take steps to tackle this, and I can use your help.”

Sample party/social explanation:

“Thanks for the offer [of beer, pop, junk food etc.]. I’m here to have a good time, but I’ve got to watch what I eat and drink because I’m in training. I’m tackling this disease I have called gout.”

Sample attack explanation:

“This isn’t a good day for me. I have a form of inflammatory arthritis called gout and I’m experiencing some serious joint pain. I’ve got to follow doctor’s orders to treat this attack and then I’ll be all yours.”